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7 Reasons Why You Should Register With Bluff My Call

Telecommunication has taken over the entire world from making calls to messaging services. These services are being offered by your mobile service provider.

Yes, you get a 24/7 support from your mobile service provision company but at times it gets limited to location. The limitations come in when you can’t make international calls or send text messages abroad. Such limitations bring us to the 5 reasons why you should register for bluff my call.

Up to this point, you might be asking yourself what exactly is Bluff My call? It is a company located at the center of New Jersey. They give you the ability to call to and from anywhere and anytime in the world.

It is a company that was brought to existence by a group of techies who are working at the forefront of the current and latest technologies.

What is that most unique feature about Bluff My Call, Inc.?

The company has the best of what was already existing in the market put together creating a single product which combines many super tech

With Bluff My Call, Inc., you can disguise voices, get notes after a call, provides you with a phone book and a call log which links with Outlook. The cool feature about them is that you can manage everything about your calls from a web control panel. Let’s discuss the features that you will get access to when you register with Bluff My Call;

1. Use ANY Caller ID

This feature allows you to take control of what people see when you make a call to them. Bluff My Call is your number one solution- when you want to make it look like you are at the office when you’re watching the famous English Premier League.

2. Voice Changing

This feature allows you to change your voice to a sound that that’s not yours (Male/Female). You will have a preview voice of how you will sound before you make the call.

3. Call Recording

Call recording is a feature whose benefits are beyond explanation. They provide you with two kinds of recording namely recording with announcement and Recording with no announcement.

4. Straight to Voice Mail

This is one of the cool features that Bluff My Call offers in that you can leave a message to one's voicemail without their phone ringing. You don’t have to be afraid that they will pick, just head directly to voicemail.

5. Call Notes

This is a remarkable tool where you can make notes at the end of every call. You have an option to record and save call notes even if the original call was not recorded.

6. Phone Book

This allows for uploading of your contacts from multiple programs to you Buff My Call account.

7. Bluff My Call Mobile

Generally, it integrates with your phonebook and gives you the ability to email your recording to anyone from your mobile phone.

To sum up, Bluff My Call, Inc. is the first and only company that lets you use any Caller ID on the phone, perform voice changing and call recording all over the world.

Allowing you to make calls to over 950 international destinations, and its cool features you truly do not want to miss out their services.

Your personal information privacy is also guaranteed and will not be released to any outside parties. You probably want to hear this, your calls cannot be traced because Bluff My Call guarantees your anonymity.


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Denise says:

Posted on Nov 24, 2015 at 04:08 AM

What is going on with your service? I have been trying to get a response from support all day as I am not able to use this service!!

I PAY for this and have not been able to use it most of the last month because of issues!!!


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