Manufacturing company Customer Service Help

Manufacturing companies play a vital role to run out the wheel of economic growth of one’s country. It also provides employment and is helpful in eradicating poverty. We can define manufacturing as a process to enhance the utility of product adding some amount of value to raw material that is used to produce. The industry of manufacturing is based on two goals one is innovation of product designing and other is the demand in coming decades. Some other factors that add its effect and influence on the companies are labour, raw material and cost.
Not only these but other major challenges are energy supply, international market dealing, environmental problems and the lack of domestic demand. Iron and steel is contributing a little towards growth but IT sector is on high pace in market. Manufacturing companies constitute nearly about 1/3 of the GDP of the world. It is thus a key indicator of overall economic growth. All developed, developing and under developed countries are under its influence and it may vary according to its size, location, product, process, technique, work force and social relevance. Their adverse effects are also among the world like causing pollution. It needs to be treated on time otherwise development will be harsh on lives of human.