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A designed item made of; wood, clay, paper and plastic that bring in the feeling of joy and happiness on the face of infants or the young children are known as toys. Today, the market is full of toys related to comic-books, television or movie characters, but in older days they were used to place a direct impact of society on young one’s social, intellectual, emotional and behavioural lives.
Now the old standby toys are paving a way for modern app-enabled versions and they are engaging the classic toys into modern tablets. We can say about latest brands like Fisher Price which is bringing in the innovation in their toy products further embedding them with interactive play. The toys should match the age level keeping in view the development of children and moreover the material should be of better quality especially for their health. Board games were in demand in 80s such as twister, Ouija Board and many but now video games have replaced them.
The technology is advancing and parents are keener about the choice of toys for their young ones that are finally having impact on the development of children.