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We light up our world with this most important form of resource and that is energy. Energy needs to work with sustainability concept and is further divided into renewable and non-renewable form of energy. We human go for natural resources to generate energy but the matter is about energy production, primary and end-use of energy and quality of energy that has turned out to be a topic of debate. Fossil fuels are mostly the source of generation of energy nowadays thus we need to transfer our usage over renewable form of energy to lower our dependence on fossil fuels which may gets exhausted after few years.
Energy sources available are primarily based on carbon-based fuels, hydro and nuclear power but fossil fuels dominate the energy sources. The renewable form of sources available is wind, solar and biomass that is growing significantly in importance but the matter is to create awareness. So one should use these sources wisely which will finally lead to social benefits of better health, more jobs, cleaner air and water and healthy economy.