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Education is not only important in life to facilitate learning, knowledge and skill but it also helps to change our personality and mind by attaining positive attitude. If we talk about happiness in ones life then education is the big source of it. Achieving better education leads to fulfil our targets and is a key to success. Actually, what we are and what we will be in our future is mainly decided by our good and bad education.
School education is a must to build up child’s mind and thus got divided into three divisions primary, secondary and higher secondary education. It makes the base of the upcoming generation and prepares the ultimate path of whole life and future offering them various opportunities. Education is mandatory in each and every field either it may be sports, dance, music or any competitive exams. There are boards of education including CBSE, ICSE in India and many that provide us with latest updates in the world of knowledge. The government is putting efforts to provide education in rural areas and to each and every person thus promoting growth and development of the country. Modern education is now must to remove illiteracy and stop being divided in society on basis of caste, religion and race.