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We are talking about drinks that are nowadays the most demanding and ultimate product to be ingested and its industry is one of the most extensive global market sectors. If we look through centuries then soda water appears to be three hundred years old and its new look came up focusing on production of wellness drinks, energy drinks and premium quality drinks.
Beverages come in warm, cold and instant form. Tea and coffee are among the most liked ones especially in Indian market famous among villagers. The market is also full with addictive drinks like alcohol that also has a vast variety and on top causes some health issues. Looking on the global market of international soft drink (carbonated beverages) industry, it estimates about $198 billion out of which the major stake goes to giants like Pepsi and Coca Cola.
Chocolate and milk is also contributing to the richness of some beverages like a taste of cold coffee with it. Aside from satisfying the consumers it is a major industry that provides job with pay of over 30 billion taxes yearly. It also has some negative effects on health when consumed on regular basis thus, to control the obesity and other risks market is up with diet products. Aside from this, it is among the top most industries of the world.