Industry Customer Service Help

In this modern world, industries are must which may either be service oriented or manufactures goods. They play important role to develop the economy and strength of the country. Various public and private oriented companies own industry to develop their products and sale out in market. It is also a source of employment to vast majority. On broader aspect, industry is classified into four; Genetic, Extractive, Manufacturing and Analytical.
The industrial revolution that started up in second half of 18th century was must for all countries either developed or under-developed and mainly depends on the production of industrial goods to maintain out its economy. Talking about each and every field, all are connected with the main source that is industry to expand the business. If we talk about IT (Information technology) sector as an example then it has grown from Rs 4.7 billion to Rs 755.47 billion in India from 1991 to 2003 accounting about 3% GDP.
The size may vary from small to large with huge to little investments and scale of operations but it plays a vital role for country’s development in technology and inventions.