Politician Customer Service Help

Politician is the one who is involved in politics and holds the public office. They are mostly skilled in political government or administration and gets involved in politics by starting a career running a local office like mayor and eventually serving nationally. They get identified by joining a major political party and participate in how the country is run. Politician can be elected through voting which mostly happens in democracies or either gets appointed by a leader.
They have the responsibility to keep an eye on systems of the country like health and education and to also deal with poor services and corruption that affects the economy and country status. They mostly help in creating laws or policies that govern the land and its people. Their position may range from local office to legislative, executive and judicial offices at national level. We can remember some great personalities in political area like George W. Bush, Barack Obama and many. They generally have to face criticism behind a popular face for being out of touch with the public. Even some go for exchange of money for goods and services rather than working for general public and they are called as dishonest with their profession.