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Daily we deal with many household works from cooking to cleaning and these appliances have made out our work easier. Here we are talking about some electrical and mechanical machines such as microwave, washing machine, heater, fan, refrigerators etc. that accomplish basic functions of cooking, cleaning, and heating/cooling with many.
Calling on older days, we were not used to of these appliances but necessities made out inventions and now these inventions are our needs. 20th century is being the century of saving labour that reduced the time of work from hours to minutes and seconds. Home appliances have the major stake of revolutionary impact in social and economic terms. It has further led to the industrial development with great margin. It is a boon to working members of family but every invention has its aspects. On positive side, it has contributed to time saving and easier work whereas on negative side it has adverse impact on health with increase in patients of backaches, stiff knees, diabetes and high blood pressure.
Our life is comfortable but for health we still need to think about our dependency on these appliances for work.