Supermarkets Customer Service Help

We are talking about a large place having huge collection of food, household products and other items provided with self service. The range may vary from food items to dairy products, from pharmacy products to clothes, from kitchenware to household cleaners and many more. They contribute a huge stake of profit to economy of the country.
Supermarkets are owned by their parent companies and they work under a chain supply with various distribution channels. It provides a comfortable environment to consumers offering various deals at low price when compared with small local departmental stores or shops. For example; as per record price of food is 15% lower and vegetables is 30% lower than small stores. They have contributed to infrastructural development of the surrounding area and have employed lots of people. They help in making shopping easier and cheaper by saving time as all products are available at the same place.
It owns both positive and negative impact on our society as small shop owners suffer a lot with its popularity among customers. It is catering to the needs of the newly rising urban middle class.