Utility company Customer Service Help

A company that provides the basic facilities or utilities like gas, electricity, phones and water to general public are known as Utility Company. Talking about utilities, then it may range from small to large according to functions and efficiency. There are integrated providers for these utilities and these firms own a large debt and become sensitive to make changes in the interest rate.
As subjected to interest rate, higher the value will increase the cost of capital for facilities further. Thus efforts are being made to bring down the sector as level of pollution will rise by 30% in 2030 if we talk about electricity in one such country that is U.S which is the maximum consumer of it and produce maximum carbon emission. These companies mostly use up the funds that are generated during operation and later spent out the other in dividends. Hence external sources are needed to fund these companies making rise in final prices.
Its growth is directly linked to growth of housing sector as demand of basic needs increases. These companies are mainly controlled by local public utility commissions which guard the services provided to public under them. They are thus required to provide quality services.