Credit card Customer Service Help

The plastic money is now an inevitable part of our life and is the most preferred and popular mode of payment. This allows us to pay for goods and services in a limit and is issued with schemes like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Maestro and many. The money granted is a type of loan to be paid back within a limited period of time.
These are further categorised as business, secured, digital and prepaid cards. Going on history, it was first started in 1920s by a company named Western Union and since then has led to the journey from sophisticated paper cards to embedded computer chips. It along with benefits such as rewards, loss/damage coverage and insurance etc. also earns many disadvantages. The main drawback is security issue that may also lead to fraud as the money is virtual but in general it has enhanced the personal responsibility and independence.
It has now become an ideal solution if you want anything right on the same time. As we live in the age of capitalism and credit card is the most convenient and profitable way to make a purchase but also keeping in mind the crucial interest charged. Its way too better invention for mankind if used with care.