Health care Customer Service Help

Healthcare is viewed as an important human right and is defined as diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management of illness, diseases and physical and mental well-being of human. Healthcare practitioners and professionals are appointed to provide such services. Even World Health Organisation (WHO) has defined health policies outlining specific goals and priorities to create a healthy environment.
In older days, health care organisations used to housed sick and take care until death but now the level has excelled. Nowadays, hospitals offer patient referral services and facilities of home care which meet the patient’s medical and non-medical needs at home. Even the transportable technologies such as oxygen supply, medical equipments and many are made available to patient.
The horizon has expanded and medical plans are also available in market in the form of insurance which brings in customer the model of requiring healthcare and help them select out local care provider for their general care. Government is also a provider of certain healthcare policies and among world America has a highly developed health care system that is helpful to all people.