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To deal with social problems in society such as unemployment, healthcare and housing, government tries to implement social policies and services that build up social welfare. Mainly the aim of these services is focussed on low income families, widows, working class and single mothers. Also immigrants are the ones that are in need for these services.
These services lay the foundation of prosperity of country in both economical and social way. The government funds them and these technically do not include significant portion of the budget that is devoted to education and health care. Various departments are developed that includes; Department of Human Services, Department of Children and Family services, Department of Public Health, Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Aging that work for people of the country. Even non-profit organisations are on the same way. Government is also looking for privatization of some services so as to build up technology and various project executions.
Thus, these services are for the betterment of the country and its people and government of any country should wisely work for the development of the community.