Cinema Customer Service Help

We can call the world of cinema as revolution of entertainment. People who sees it experiences thrill, wonder and emotions. It is a theatre full of public to watch out movies. Nowadays we look up to trends of multiplex, a building having more then one cinema hall.
Not only entertainment, it contributes to ones knowledge uplifting the educative value, brings exposure to excellent art work, encourages talent of artists and is a big source of earning money. The screen turns out the hero and heroines into an inspiration for many fan followers. Their work, appearances, make-up, walking and speech turns out to be ones whole life in real.
Aside from advantages, it has disadvantages too. The presentation of ethnical values and glamour brings out loss to ones life who tries to copy out them. The young are the ones that are most attracted and they get harmed by breaking out their moral restraints. It actually spoils the youth force of the country if not controlled.