Retailer company Customer Service Help

The end product of manufacturing industries reaches among people through various distribution channels, one such service is retailer service. Retailer companies are more close to customers and thus play a vital role in distribution channel of the whole system. Competition and demand is constantly changing and this kind of business has worked as the most common occupation in entire economy.
Retail trade has welcomed the hike in employment with 3.7 million job openings constituting 6% of total U.S employments in 2012. In other parts of the world also it is on same trend and growth. If we see on its expansion then its journey began with increasing number of supermarkets, superstores and departmental stores. Government is also taking a keen interest in this sector as key driver domestic consumption that will ultimately lead to economic growth. Major services offered by them are; ready stock of different items, good assortment of various products, offering great deals and improving knowledge of consumer about product.
It thus owns a strategic position in economy also affecting the future of country by placing out various job offers.