Logistics Customer Service Help

We can say Logistics as a process of implementing, planning and controlling procedures for storage and transportation of goods with services and other related information from the point of origin to consumption. Basically, it includes outbound, inbound, internal and external movements with main goal to meet the customer’s requirements. Basically the term originated in the military, referring to the movement of supplies and equipments to the troops in the field.
Logistics is just similar to supply chain management with a small difference of all the process happening within a company whereas supply chain occurs at a larger scale. Logistics plays an important role in business as it manages out effectively the purchase of raw material, keep check on its storage until used and transportation in better way that keeps business away from loss. All work is processed in a timely manner as good impression brings on desire level of popularity in market and among customers. Some issues like careless transportation, unwise decisions and late delivery gradually lead to poor logistics which will eventually lead to increase in expenses. It thus should be maintained in a better and efficient manner.