Media Customer Service Help

The word ‘Media’ in general is related to mass communication which is now part of our daily life that comprises of newspaper, television, internet, theatre, radio, magazines, mail, fax and telephone. Media is the way to gather information about latest product, service or message with means of advertisement. It has its influence on one’s mind may be positively or negatively.
Internet and theatre adds to entertainment whereas TV and radio are the sources of catching up with fast moving world. In older days, books were the main medium of knowledge but now media is part of our lives and society. We can now contact to our friends and family in any corner of the world. Mass media further adds its contribution in the form of images that show its effect on our behaviour and lifestyle. It is basically designed to reach and influence large audience or viewers.
We can conclude, it is necessary as our daily need of food and clothing. It thus educates people with its influence but should be used for noble mission of enlightening people and discouraging divisive and communal trends.