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Just like a book, Magazine is published usually on a glossy paper with a variety of content generally in different fields at regular schedule. The trend of electronic publication is high on demand. It consists of short articles by external authors plus some coloured or black and white advertisements.
Talking about its history, then world’s first magazine was founded in 1731 titled “Gentlemen’s Magazine” and was a great means of entertainment before social media age and tablets. It is now also functional with different themes and ideas grabbing attention of readers towards fields like sports, fashion, cooking, business, health and technology etc. We can say its content has a magical spark and reader is treated with mind expanding, unique set of wonders. It takes one to a journey giving a relaxing break and refreshing mind.
Some of the world’s top rated magazines are; Family Circle, People, Readers digest, Better Homes & Gardens and many more. Even research journals got space to fill the pages of magazine. It has a strong hold on its content writing and is still a big trend touching every aspect of life through words.