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Jeff Bezos

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Jeff Bezos is 54 years old American technology entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist by occupation. He is well known for founding Amazon, the world’s famous internet retailer that specifically deals with online shopping worldwide and Blue Origin, an aerospace company. He is currently serving as CEO of Amazon and is awarded with the title of being the wealthiest person in the world by Forbes on 6th March, 2018 with net worth of $112 billion that has increased up to $150 billion in July 2018.

Early Life

Jeff Bezos was born on 12th January, 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States as Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen to Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen and Ted Jorgensen. Her mother was a high school student at the time of his birth whereas father was a bike shop owner. Both his parents got separated and her mother moved up in another marriage with immigrant Miguel “Mike” Bezos. He was raised by his step-father and mother in Houston, Texas where he attended River Oaks Elementary School up to sixth grade. The family got shifted to Miami where he attended Miami Palmetto High School and Student Science Training Program at the University of Florida. He completed his graduation from Princeton University in electrical engineering and computer science.

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After receiving his bachelor degree from Princeton University in 1987 he opted for the job at Fitel, a financial telecommunication start-up. He worked on Wall Street and in 1990 he turned out to be the youngest senior vice president at the investment firm D.E. Shaw. In 1994, he came up with a plan to open Originally, the company made its start as online bookstore and shortly gained importance turning into giant in market retaining its second position all around the world after Alibaba Group. The company was formed initially with name Cadabra, Inc. that was changed to in 1995 planning out to outline the map of store as biggest bookstore in the world. Jeff further expanded the business including various products in demand that can be easily sold out online like computer hardware, software, videos and compact discs. In 2006, they launched its video Amazon Unbox on TiVo and in 2007 launched Kindle, a handheld digital book reader. This was also the year of his investment in Blue Origin, a Seattle-based aerospace company. In 2013, he came to limelight by purchasing The Washington Post with its parent company and launching its experimental initiative, Amazon Prime Air. He also did a cameo by playing as an alien in Star Trek Beyond in 2016. At present, he is the wealthiest person with net worth over $150 billion surpassing Bill Gates.

Personal Life

He got married to MacKenzie Tuttle in 1993. He is father of four children; three sons and one daughter adopted from China.

Net Worth

It is estimated to be around US$125.8 billion.

Conatct detail of Jeff Bezos

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    c/o Amazon, 1200 12th Avenue, No-1200, Seattle, WA 98144, USA

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    (206) 266-1000

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    Jeff Bezos

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What I want for my birthday

Posted on May 24, 2019 at 11:37 AM

Joshua McAskill says: Dear Jeff Bezos my name is Joshua McAskill I live in Chandler, Arizona I would like a Apple iMac (21.5”, 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB Drive) - Silver from Amazon that’s $999.99 for my birthday this year

What I want for my birthday this year

Posted on May 22, 2019 at 08:50 PM

Joshua McAskill says: Dear Jeff Bezos my name is Joshua McAskill I live in Chandler, Arizona I would like a VEVOR 2200W Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine 3 Flavors 5.3-7.4Gallons/ H auto Clean LED Panel Perfect for Restaurants, Snack Bar supermarkets, 2200W, Silver/Desktop from Amazon that’s $1,598.99 for my birthday this year at Desert Breeze Park in Chandler, Arizona

Christmas Dinner Invitation

Posted on May 20, 2019 at 09:33 AM

Joshua McAskill says: Dear Jeff Bezos Joshua McAskill would like to invite you to 710 North Tangerine Drive Chandler, Arizona 85226 for Christmas Dinner

Thanksgiving Invitation DP

Thanksgiving Invitation

Posted on May 20, 2019 at 09:28 AM

Joshua McAskill says: Dear Jeff Bezos Joshua McAskill would like to invite you to 710 North Tangerine Drive Chandler, Arizona 85226 for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Haunted Halloween

Posted on May 19, 2019 at 07:17 PM

Joshua McAskill says: Dear Jeff Bezos did you know that from 1979 to 1985 legendary horror author R.L. Stine lived in Wardenclyffe, New York, USA. Stine started his writing career with a since publish novel titled haunted halloween. a tale of a demonic dummy who sets out to create a family of his own by bringing Halloween to life.

What I want for my birthday

Posted on May 19, 2019 at 07:03 PM

Joshua McAskill says: Dear Jeff Bezos my name is Joshua McAskill I live in Chandler, Arizona. I want a Chevy Ice Cream truck for sale in Florida from eBay that’s $22,000.00

What I want for my birthday

Posted on May 19, 2019 at 07:01 PM

Joshua McAskill says: Dear Jeff Bezos my name is Joshua McAskill I live in Chandler, Arizona. I want a Chevy Ice Cream truck for sale in Florida that’s $22,000.00

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Posted on Apr 18, 2019 at 01:25 PM

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Posted on Feb 07, 2019 at 07:25 PM

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please help us to start business

Posted on Dec 12, 2018 at 02:42 AM

Mabasia lebetsa says: Thank God because he make you rich to help the poor people


Posted on Oct 18, 2018 at 04:23 PM

TY says: I spoke with some from the reception of Amazon

Delayed Order

Posted on Jun 20, 2018 at 10:45 PM

Rafael P. Silvas says: I placed an order on Monday 6/18 for three items. I have an Amazon Prime almost eight years. Monday 6/18 I placed an order for three items. Two day free shipping is important to me since I am a disabled veteran and going shopping is not an option for me. I have been a prime member for almost 8 years and that is the main reason for me to se Amazon Prime even after yo raised the rates for it. One package was delivered by the postal service today. I expected the second package to arrive later today did not arrive and am told by management they can't get it here sooner then Friday 6/22. What is the sense of paying for a service that one doesn't get. I live in KC, Mo. and there is an Amazon Center in KC, Ks less then 30 miles away and they can't have a driver deliver a box of coffee. They are not able to improvise if it is not written down for them on paper. Management seems to be on the same wave length as the president. Don't make an effort to please the people that have been with the company all these years. I am very disappointed in Amazon!

shipment isses

Posted on Mar 13, 2018 at 02:03 PM

David Leverett says: Hi jeff I have been a customer of Amazon for some time (now Prime) I am extremely irritated by a recent order that I placed a few days ago. I have chatted with people & they are not helping, in fact they contradict what my enquiries have discovered. My shipment was passed on to the postal service and scanned as not deliverable when they (Fed Ex) made no attempt to deliver. That was done at 10.29 yesterday. I contacted Prince (Amazon) who told me it was coming today (that was approximately at midday) How cold this happen when the shipment was being handled by the postal service! Today the post office tell me its being sent back as non deliverable. I spoke to Divya who I was told was in a leadership position and she told me that it was still within its delivery time. Clearly no-one seems to know whats going on!! All I get is lies & contractictions & apologies which do not get me my shipment!! I am also in contact with Fed Ex in regards to this terrible service! I worked for some time for DHL Worldwide Express doing tracking & tracing (problem shipments) so I will not be blown off . P

Attn Jeff Bezos

Posted on Mar 12, 2018 at 05:22 PM

Roger Harrington says: re order nmber 114-4156206-4881803 this order was placed on March 9th and cancelled by the seller March 12th stating I cancelled the order that never happened it was cancelled by the seller not me
with no reason stated for the cancelleation
well I have cancelled my prime membership and am seriosly considering not dealing with amazon any longer de to the fact that sellers like this are giving amazon a bad rep. and I refse to be a part of it
I'm a good cstomer and never had an isss sch as this with amazon
if amazon allowes sellers like Bridal World to do this to their cstomers then I choose to go else where
I looked p Bridal World their reviews are no good at all
so the ball is in yor cort amazon how are yo going to keep a good cstomer?


Posted on Mar 12, 2018 at 11:28 AM

maria says: I need some help, I need that a person help me, I need to someone give me a allowance of 35,000.00. What can I tell more.
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GOD will bless the life of Mr Jeff and his family, his children, his wife his parents.what can I say more? nothing

Asking money

Posted on Mar 08, 2018 at 12:50 PM

Shahrukh Anwar says: Sir i am very poor i am begging with you help me by giving some money my account number is 462210510002882 and bank ifc code is BKID0004622 ypu can give me 500 or 1000 dollar as beg

Help with B-siness start -p

Posted on Feb 27, 2018 at 03:04 AM

Daryl Gray says: Hi Jeff

I Have done all i can in getting f-nding in starting -p a b-siness (sorry b-t i see my key does'nt work now anymore) and have j-st abo-t r-n o-t of money waiting for companies and banks to give me a final answer.

Wo-ld yo help -s?

I have b-siness plans and all info needed.


Financial blessings

Posted on Feb 25, 2018 at 01:12 PM

Claudia Hudson says: Good day Mr Bezos,
I am asking for a financial blessing right now from you. Sir I know that you spend your time being creative and thinking of ways how to come up with idea's. Sir I look around at my surroundings and wish i could have more and do more. I live in a home which I am greatful to God for. However, my fiance say something else. I'm asking you to bless me with a generious gift to pay off my mortgage and renovated my house as well as help my sons. I live hand to mouth. I need a saving account because when something happens I don't have anything to fall back on. Sir please help me.

Yarn donations

Posted on Feb 22, 2018 at 04:15 PM

Bonnie Ball says: Hello Mr. Bezos I make little blankets for a organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, and I am reaching out to you to ask if you would donate bright colored balls of yarn? The blankets are use to bury very tiny babies that are not expected to survive after birth. As I am both a parent and grand parent I know for me I would want to wrap my sweet child in a warm blanket before my child was laid to rest in a very cold ground. My heart goes out to these parents who were so very excited expecting a beautiful baby, only to find out their sweet baby will not live very long after birth. It breaks my heart knowing how these parents are hurting deeply. If you would be interested in donating bright colored yarn I and the organization would be deeply grateful to you and thank you. If not then I do understand and thank you for your time. If you decide you would then you can send to my home address and I will see to it others who also make will get yarn as well. Again thank you for your time and blessings to you. Sincerely Bonnie Ball.

trade in

Posted on Feb 07, 2018 at 04:54 AM

chassidy painter says: i have over 110 pages of trade ins and have some isses no one is willing to help me they hang p on me....over 1000 trade ins and over 150 orders,,,im a great cstomer bt will not contine to be if i dont get some help

trade in

Posted on Feb 07, 2018 at 04:53 AM

michael painter says: i have mltiple problems ans no one wants to help me with my trade in problems.....please i have spent many hors on phone to no evail....its a lot of money
over 5000


Posted on Jan 10, 2018 at 10:30 PM

kapil says: Dear sir,
I have write to mail regarding hungry & poor child in India ,for purpose help to you his education & better bright future in India & other country in world.
your company is most popular in India.& bright future in india
so kindly do the need full help me for poor child &hungry people
in my nation .

Thanking for you
Best Regard
Mr.Kapil Rajput

Bad Amazon experience

Posted on Dec 27, 2017 at 04:07 PM

Sally oneill says:
I am very disappointed that Amazon is more concerned with the vendor than the customer. I ordered a product from a 3rd party vendor- took my money and never sent the product. I wrote a bad review and vendor removed it! What good is having a platform for reviews when vendor controls it. I called Amazon - they were polite but received no help! I order many things through Amazon but not happy with this recent experience! Please- Do not allow Vendors to control reviews!!!

OnTrac delivery service

Posted on Dec 06, 2017 at 04:50 PM

Don Canty says: To whom it may concern: Mr Jeff Bezos what a great company amazon is and I have no problem with it. My problem is with the delivery service OnTrac . Look online at all the complaint's,i have plenty of complaint's too. Packages of mine delivered to other homes,ontrac left packages leaning against mail box, laying in driveway, ect...ect.. tracking always says left at front door,which is a lie. I know this is a west coast delivery service. I live in eagle point, Oregon, so packages are coming from Medford Oregon. The drivers don't have any training or have been told the importance of delivery to the right address. I have not been ordering in fear that ontrac will get it and I probably won't get it.Iam writing this for the hundred's of complaint's against ontrac and hope that something will be done to solve this problem. THANKS..


Posted on Nov 17, 2017 at 05:32 PM

Carlos Maldonado says: In need of a mentor to show me the way to wealth

Financial problems

Posted on Nov 05, 2017 at 06:47 AM


Naomi Oligney says:

Posted on Oct 14, 2017 at 03:00 PM

Sir, I wold like to ask of a 'loan' to get me ot of my financial wreck .. I simply cant get ot from nder the 23%+ interest on my credit cards that have accmlated since my diovorce in 2012. Im 61, female, divorced & disables.. I'm paying on my hose & have $100K of eqity bit cant access it. de to other isse. I have no leins o my property.. jst credit debt thats simply killing me. I am asking todo an actal loan with yo.. I mean who else to ask I have no one, so I'll ask someone with whom is kind of local (few states) and hope that he can see it in his heart & 'wallet' to give me a loan.. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE

Sachin haragannavar says:

Posted on Oct 07, 2017 at 06:28 AM

I have your Amazon India I think you can solve my problem. Sir I request you. Sir purchased product in Amazon its damaged its cost rs4899/- and I returned 3 months ago still not paid my money bcz I am contacting you, sir I have only one way this complaint to consumer court and media this very much harmful for you bcz you lost your company reputation plz try to pay my bill my login ID is +919448058927

Ravi kumar says:

Posted on Oct 04, 2017 at 06:35 AM

Respacked sir jee .i want some financial help for my daughter marriege.which held on 23 Nov 2017.i am Ravi from INDIA.Please help me sir jee .ihave read in news paper about your thoughts. You want to help the needy so i am writing you about my need .i want thirty thousand dollars. Pls pls sir help me .iam help less now and want your help for my daughter marriege. My adress B/18 numaish camp SAHARANPUR (UP) pin cde 247001. INDIA

Kimberly Holcomb says:

Posted on Jan 12, 2017 at 04:27 AM

Phl7 and the LOA team no help what so ever !!! 276-2665927 please contact me ASAP! Thanks........ Kimberly Holcomb PHL7, Middletown,DE 19709

Issue of order delivery

Posted on Nov 28, 2016 at 07:59 PM

jagdish pathak says: Sir,
I live in India and need a help only from you. Last week, I prefer your site for ordering a shoes from Amazon, but sir I didn't received the item on time. When I talked one of your employee at customer care regarding the delayed service they assured me that I will receive the item very soon. Again the status was same 'Not delivered'. After three days from ordering the item I saw the status of my order there was mentioned that 'customer request for delay of the item' and I want to do clear that I didn't send any kind of message regarding the order. I also called the delivery boy firstly he didn't pick my call, after two days I again called him that time he received my call but the way he talk was not gud at all and his reply was that your order has been cancelled. However, I again talked with many employees of your customer care services at India regarding my order, all are just with excuses and do fake promises/assurance, but till date the situation and status is same.
I talked many times from your employees (Approx. 15-20 times) and tried best to my level and also put all efforts.

Need financial help

Posted on Nov 28, 2016 at 06:23 PM

Dhilip Kumar says: Hello sir,
This is Dhilip. I had completed Bsc zoology with biotechnology. My mother got affected by stomach cancer so I need money $7000 dollars for surgery and chemotherapy injection treatment. Could you please help me and save my mother? I can't earn money for treatment because we are helpless family. Please understand my mother situation. This is my account number: 20282123204. Bank Name: State Bank of India.


Posted on Oct 29, 2016 at 05:06 AM

Loren Granoff says: Hello Jeff,

Saw your interview with Charley Rose. Your purported appreciation of the post as a local paper with global reach is nothing new. I read the post daily online. I was reading the post with Haynes Johnson as its chief political correspondent when you were learning to tie your shoes in New Mexico. The paper has been badly bastardized during your limited stewardship. You have no biz owing and running an important news organ such as the post.

request related to refund

Posted on Oct 27, 2016 at 12:30 PM

dharamendra Singh says: Hello sir,

My name Dharamendra Singh. My registered mobile number is 7002874*** and 9401125*** and address AX144 cisf camp suraksha nagar dibrugarh assam 786002 sir I purchase a mixer grinder on amazon sir grinder broken I complaint in 180030009014 no sir broken parcel complaint spent one month sir no pick up my parcel and courier team give status amazon not attend at home that's false please sir kindly pick up my parcel and refund my balance sir my courier I'd number 171761178066793926

Applying for being a member

Posted on Oct 11, 2016 at 10:44 PM

Jonajenifer says: Hello Jeff,

How are you? I asked about you but I am not fine. I love to shop in Amazon even though I suggest my friends to shop in Amazon. Actually, I don't know why I am writing this email to you. I think so that I want a member of your Amazon family. I am from rural area no one go for online shopping but I am the first in family members and also my class to purchase a products through online. On my first side, I love Amazon and also I would like to get inside your organization and want to be a member. I work towards for the goal of your organization. I hope that you will reply for my mail. So now my clock starts waiting for your reply.

Anmolkwatra says:

Posted on Oct 08, 2016 at 04:25 PM

Hello sir,
My email id is and I have some problem with because I am your regular customer. I hope you will understand my problem as I have 3 accounts in Amazon because I only trust on Amazon. I know you can only help me.

1. They have blocked my code option and disturbing me in buying product.
2. You have loss of 100000 only with me.
3. Many people having this problem in India. You are having many list in India.


Purity Karimi Gichoga says:

Posted on Sep 15, 2016 at 05:30 PM

Hello Sir,

I am Purity Karimi Gichoga and recently applied for a job with an organization calling itself Jeff Bezos Africa Humanitarian Aid. Are you involved to hire employees here in Kenya or is it a scam that is using your name. Kindly let me know as soon as possible as the deadline is tomorrow and I am really in need of a job.

Thembo julius says:

Posted on Jul 30, 2016 at 06:24 PM

Am Thembo Julius from Uganda east Africa looking for people of good will to assist me pay my university tuition and other fees. the complete letter requesting for the assistance has been sent to you including the copy of admission for where I would like the one who wishes to help me deposit the money thank you may God give you good health.

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