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Larry Ellison

About Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison is 74 years old American businessman well known for being the co-founder and former CEO of Oracle Corporation.

At present, he is serving as the executive chairman and chief technology officer of Oracle Corporation.

He is also included in the list of one of the wealthiest people in the world standing fifth on the position in the United States as per Forbes magazine in June 2018.

Early Life

Larry was born on 17th August 1944 in New York City, the United States as Lawrence Joseph Ellison to a Jewish mother, Florence Spellman.

He was then adopted by his mother’s aunt and uncle, Lillian and Louis Ellison as she was unmarried at the time of his birth from an Italian American United States Army Air Corps pilot. He never met his biological mother until he was 48.

In education, he attended the University of Illinois, Champaign after completing his high school and got named as a student of the year in 1962 but unfortunately, his adoptive mother died and he dropped out of the college during his second year.

He also got
enrolled at the University of Chicago for a single semester.

He then decided to move on for various jobs in Berkeley, California at Wells Fargo and Amdahl Corporation.

It was this time when he learned about basic computer skills finally converting into a programmer at Amdahl where he was put on work on the IBM-compatible mainframe system.


He started his career initially working at Amdahl Corporation where he met two Amdahl colleagues who founded Software Development Labs in 1977 to build up a database management system named Oracle.

The company got started up with just 10 employees and soon turned out to be best selling company after being signed out by IBM to use Oracle thus turning out the sale to be doubled every year for the coming years.

In 1986, the company held its IPO but soon they turned out to be bankruptcy. This back up of the company was recovered by its new launch making it a leader again in the database management system in 1992.

Larry is the largest Oracle shareholder and thus became one of the wealthiest people in the world.

He keeps the main focus on the company’s growth by including several other companies like Siebel Systems, PeopleSoft and Sun Microsystems that initially counted on the market cap of roughly $185 billion with 130,000 employees in 2014.

He has given away 1% of his wealth in a donation and has an interest in taking part in yachting competitions with his Oracle team in the USA.

He is also a licensed aircraft pilot and is holding the ownership of two military jets.

Personal Life

He got married four times and each one ended with divorce. His first marriage was with Adda Quinn in 1967, second was with Nancy Wheeler Jenkins in 1977. He then got married third time with Barbara Boothe in 1983.

Both together have two children; David and Margaret but unfortunately the relationship ended with divorce in 1986. He then married Melanie Craft in 2003 but again got divorced in 2010.

Rumors are there that he is dating Nikita Kahn, a Ukrainian animal rights activist since 2017.

Net Worth

It is estimated to be around US$59.5 billion as on November 2018.


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    Woodside, California, United States

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