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Jackie Chan Bio

Real Name: Chan Kong Sang
Shortname : Fong Si-lung, Yuen Lou, Big Brother, Pao Pao (Cannon ball)
Profession: Martial artist, Actor, Director, Producer
Famous Episode: Armor of God, Rumble in the Bronx,Rush Hour

Personal Life

Date of Birth : 7 April 1954
Age (as in 2019) : 65 Years
Birthplace : Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong
Zodiac sign : Aries
Nationality: Chinese
Hometown : Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong
School : China Drama Academy, a Peking Opera School run by Master Yu Jim-yue
College : Dickson College
Educational Qualification : Hong Kong Baptist University
Debut Film : Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (1962, Child actor), Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1972)
Marital Status : Married
Affairs/Girlfriends : Joan Lin (Former Taiwanese Actress), Elaine Ng Yi-Lei (Model and actress in Hong Kong)
Religion : Chinese Buddhist
Ethnicity : Chinese
Hobbies :Listening to music, Acting

Physical Stats & More

Height (approx.) : 170 cm (in centimeters), 1.70 m, 5’ 7” (in feet inches)
Weight (approx.): 65 kg, 143 lbs(in pounds)
Body Measurements (approx.): Chest: 40 inches
- Waist: 32 inches - Biceps: 14 inches
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black Hour

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Jackie Chan Wiki

Jackie Chan contact address 3478
Chan Kong-sang is famously known as Jackie Chan, he is a multi-talented artist. He belongs from Hong Kong, and he is an actor, producer, director, stuntman and a professional martial artist.

Chan has more than 100 movies in his bucket, and even breaking his every bone, he does his own stunts.

He is known for his perfect comic timing and heroic kind of fighting style. He has acted in famous movies like ‘Rush Hour’, ‘Rush Hour2’, ‘Shanghai Knights’, ‘Shanghai Noon’, ‘The Tuxedo’, ‘The Karate Kid’, etc.

Early life

Chan Kong-sang was born on April 7, 1954, which makes him 64 years old. He was born in Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong to his parents Lee-Lee Chan and Charles.

Basically belonged from Chinese origin, Chan’s parents were refugees and to earn they worked for the French ambassador in Hong Kong.

In the year 1960, Chan enrolled in the Chinese Opera Research Institute in Hong Kong to learn music, dance and martial arts.

He joined the group ‘Seven Little Fortunes’, which lead to winning small roles in movies like ‘Big Little Wong Tin Bar’, ‘The Love Eterne’ etc. He has also been a stuntman in Bruce Lee films ‘Fist of Fury’ and ‘Enter the Dragon’.


Jackie Chan started working in movies from a young age. He was seen in 1973’s ‘Little Tiger of Canton’. Next, he appeared in the comic movie ‘All in the family’ in 1975. In 1976, he worked as a stuntman in the movie ‘New Fist of Fury’.

In the year 1978, he appeared In ‘Snake in the eagle shadow’, which proved to be the best movie for kick-starting his slow career.

In the year 1978, When Bruce Lee, Chan was said to be the next popular martial arts superstar. In the year 1980, he directed ‘The Young Master’ which was an immediate hit and called was a fantastic combination of comedy and martial arts.

From 1982 to 83, Chan directed two movies ‘Dragon Lord’ and ‘Project A’, the latter won him ‘The Best Action Design Award’. In1987, he acted and directed the movie ‘Armor of God’ which became his biggest domestic success at the box office.

It was said to have grossed around 35 million Hong Kong dollars. After this, he made ‘Miracles – Mr. Canton and Lady Rose’ which also did great business.

Due to the success of these two movies, Chan formed the production company called the ‘Golden Way’. The year 1998, was a massive year for Chan, he was cast in ‘Rush Hour’ which can be said a brilliant movie of his career.

In 2001, he came up with ‘Rush Hour 2’.Subsequently, he worked in big-budget movies like ‘The Tuxedo’, ‘Shanghai Knights’ and ‘Shanghai Noon’. Few movies from the decade of the 2000s include ‘the Medallion’, ‘Around the world in 80 days’, ‘New Police Story’, ‘The Myth’ etc.

In 2007, ‘Rush Hour 3’ grossed over 258 million US dollars, in which Chan starred with Roman Polanski. In the year 2011, he was seen in ‘Karate Kid’ and ‘1911’, which was his 100 movie. Thereafter he mostly did behind the curtain work in movies, like direction and voice dubbing, etc.

Personal Life

Jackie Chan contact address 200

Jackie Chan is a married man; he married a Taiwanese actress ‘Joan Lin’ in the year 1982. They together have a son named ‘Jaycee Chan’ born in the same year 1982.

Jackie Chan also has an illegitimate daughter from an extramarital affair with a woman named ‘Elaine Ng Yi-Lei’, Chan bears all the expenses towards the upbringing of the child; although he never acknowledged her formally as his daughter.

Jackie Chan is a follower of the Buddhist religion.

Net worth

Jackie Chan’s net worth is estimated to be $350 million according to various media reports.

References Taken

Conatct detail of Jackie Chan

  • Address

    No 70 Pak to Avenue, Sheung Yeung, Clear Water Bay Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

  • Contact Number

    +852 2794 0388

  • Contact Person

    Jackie Chan

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comments (30) on Jackie Chan

A Dream with Jackie Chan

Posted on May 20, 2018 at 04:19 AM

Ali Abubakar says: Hello Sir Jackie Chan, My name is Ali Abubakar from Ghana West Africa. I am a 39 year old young man. As a young boy growing up l have always loved your movies till date. The reason l decided to email you is that: l once had some spiritual attacks during sleep and l prayed to God to send down his angels to help me in that spiritual fight. A few minutes after l was over taken by sleep l had a dream l was being chased by a very huge snake (anaconda). I run as fast as l could and two men appeared from no where, one pick axed the snake head to the ground and you Mr. Jackie was the other man and you also cut off the snake tail killing it instantly and saved me in the dream.

On the 20th of May 2018 I had another dream with you but this time l was praying in a mosque and you entered and sat next to me to pray and l was surprised and excited to realised it was you. I even took a selfie with you and began to tell you about my life problems and asked you for help and you offered me some gold to do business then l woke up from the dream happy and wondering why l dreamed about you helping me for t

Suggestion from fan

Posted on Dec 03, 2016 at 05:52 PM

Eman Waseem says: How are you? I am 10 years old Eman from Pakistan. You can study Islam and be a Muslim and your life will be wonderful in heavens. Please believe in God.

I am your big fan. Please visit Pakistan and stay with us if you like. If you want I will give you my number. Good luck and bye.

Need the e-mail address

Posted on Dec 02, 2016 at 12:52 PM

Biswo Ulak says: I am from Kathmandu, Nepal and is interested to share on idea of possible of Namo Buddha. Grateful, if you could send e-mail address that I can send the proposal. Kind regards.

Mail from a fan

Posted on Nov 25, 2016 at 08:23 PM

Jean says: Good morning Jackie,
I am your biggest fan. You are my favorite actor of all times and I want to get the opportunity to play in a movie with you so I can build up my life to a new start, a new era. Please reply back to me as soon as possible. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.


Posted on Nov 25, 2016 at 12:55 PM

Abdul Raziq says: Hello Jackie Chan,
I am Abdul Raziq from Pakistan. I am fan of you and would like to do friendship. This is my email

Message from a fan

Posted on Nov 24, 2016 at 07:08 PM

Sakhi Jawanbakht says: Dear Mr. Jackie Chan,

Please let me know when you will come to Netherland. Me and my 8 years old son are biggest fan of yours and we want to meet you and take picture. Thank you in advance.

From a fan

Posted on Nov 22, 2016 at 06:45 PM

Tila Muhammad says: Hello sir,
I am a big fan of yours. Please sir can you tell me about your new movie, Rush Hour 4? I love you sir. Really a big fan.

Views and thoughts

Posted on Nov 18, 2016 at 04:54 AM

Lujuana Arviso says: Forgive me, I hate to be a brother. I have been praying. Would you be able to find out why this couple from China could be so cruel to me? I am not at peace about this matter and don't allow others to think its alright. To lie about someone put them in jail after that person helps clean their house so they can rent it, spend hours on the yard. Stay in the house so she can tell them she is leaving so that they bare witness. I did not destoryed their home. Are all China like this or are you? So I can stay away from people from China and to tell others to stay away too. I pray this is not true but these people broke part of my heart. Thank you father God let his eyes read this in Jesus name. I pray with respect Lujuana Aka grandma Lulu. God bless handson man.

Need financial help

Posted on Nov 18, 2016 at 12:38 AM

shiny says: Hello sir,
I know you are a big star and so busy personality. I am a very big fan of yours. I have a request of financial help from you because you belong to such a great society where everybody respect each other. You are not a double personality people like us. Please sir give me some financial help. I am in big trouble and I live among the combine family system where everybody is Muslim but they believe in black magic and bad spell also. I am not in good condition. With your help I want to take separate home and get rid from them. Please sir give me a very little financial help. This is not hard for you but very important for me. My bank account number is MCB 132202010061***.

From a fan

Posted on Nov 12, 2016 at 06:26 PM

Mbetse Paul says: Hello Mr. Chan,
My name is Paul Mbetse from Swaziland. I am so delightful and my life is full of joy when I am watching your movies especially "Spy next door". Mr. Chan I learn a lot when I am watching your movies. I am a young Swazi man who is inspired by your career and I always have a wish in my life to see you and talk to you. You had been my inspiration since years back. I can love to receive a call from you. My number is 00268 76472***. Please make my dream come true.

Loving fan,

From fan

Posted on Nov 10, 2016 at 04:28 PM

A.Abdul Rahman says: Hello sir,
I am Abdul Rahman. I really like your flims since my childhood days and specially I like your one quote, "I don't become a next bruse Lee, I want to become a first Jackie Chan". I love you sir.

Need financial help

Posted on Oct 31, 2016 at 08:23 PM

shiny says: Hello sir,
You are a great star and also a great person. Please sir read my message as I am in need of help. I belong to a middle class family. My parents are no more since my childhood. Only for my inheritance my elder brother cut of me. In this condition my relatives got married me with a person who belong to a middle class and combine family system. They are all Muslim but believes in black majic, bad spell and jantra mantra also. In my fourteen years of married life I have faced many problems. I have been a patient of asthma but now the question is for my kids life. Among these black magician people their life has been destroyed. I am not in condition to take my own home. You are a great star, may always shine in the sky. Please sir help me give me some financial help. In this way, I can get rid from these backward people. I have nothing to give you but promise me and my kids. Always pray full for you. My account number is MCB 132202010061193. Sir help me.

Just a praise

Posted on Oct 14, 2016 at 11:08 AM

SOAMINA says: Dear Jackie Chan,

Everybody knows that you are the greatest actor in the world. God bless you.

shah says:

Posted on Oct 08, 2016 at 01:21 AM

Hello sir,
I want to talk with you on a personal matter and this is a very serious matter. I want to share with you. So kindly send me your personal email address or give me a feedback so that I may discuss my issue with you. I will wait for this please it is a humble request to you.

Jason Thao says:

Posted on Oct 06, 2016 at 10:57 PM

Hello Jackie, my name is Jason Thao from Sacramento, California. I am trying to become a movie actor, and be as good as you someday. I currently have a movie plot that I am working on. It is about a father and his son. They had to leave town due to the son's suspension from school, as they left town the father gets killed by mafia. I will send you the whole plot so please tell me how you like the plot?

My question is, are you willing to help me do this movie? I have no fame and I do not have the money to make a movie project. Therefore, I will like to ask, are you willing to become the movie producer, director and actor (the father?) Please contact me at if you are willing to help me.

Jason Thao

Bhavin Mehta says:

Posted on Oct 03, 2016 at 12:41 PM

Sir, 6000 bird nests and 2000 water bowl is to be distributed for free to save house of sparrow. Kindly help. My phone number is 9825394***.

maleki says:

Posted on Oct 01, 2016 at 04:41 AM

Hello Mr. Jackie chan,
I am Mohammad maleki from Iran country. We have a lot of respect and love for you. If possible reply to my mail, we can see you respect us.
Thank you.

Anmol Pendharkar says:

Posted on Sep 29, 2016 at 03:31 PM

Sir, I am your huge and big fan. I want to meet you one day and spend time with you. Please meet me sir. I hope my message will reach you. This is my dream to meet you. You are my idol and hero. Please do meet me.

Tuan le says:

Posted on Sep 25, 2016 at 11:45 AM

Hello Jackie chan, how are you? I hope you are doing good. I have this one question to ask you jackie. I have seen a picture of you with a kyani shirt, Is that real? where you are wearing a shirt with kyani on it. I am just wondering, if you can reply back to this message for me. It will be alot to me. Thank you jackie in advance.

mantombi nogaya says:

Posted on Sep 22, 2016 at 09:34 PM

Hello Mr. Chan, I am Mantombi Nogaya from South Africa in Port Elizabeth. I am your biggest fan ever. I watch Rush hour everyday. I would love to meet you one day. I am also on facebook. My number is +2783 753 9***. I would love for you to come in Port Elizabeth:) I would love to be a corresponding fan. Please allow me.

Darshan says:

Posted on Sep 17, 2016 at 03:01 PM

Hello sir, I am the MD of a marketing company in India. One of our client needs you as their brand ambassador for their new product. They are bringing in new models of smart phones to market. First they are launching it in Dubai. So can you kindly give me your managers number. My number is 0091 9895252521.

bajrang singh says:

Posted on Sep 17, 2016 at 08:35 AM

Hello Jackie sir, I am your big fan. Your personality is so good that I am loving it. My contact number is 7581903186. Please sir teach me your buddha kung fu.

Kranti says:

Posted on Aug 18, 2016 at 06:28 PM

Hi Jackie Sir,
I am Indian and staying in Singapore with my husband and 6 year old son....I want to meet you. We are coming to Hongkong in first week of September it possible to meet you?Once I called you in your Singapore gym...but I didn't get chance to meet you....thanks...and regards...

kumalasari says:

Posted on Aug 14, 2016 at 12:13 PM

hi, mr. jacky, i am kumalasari. i am from indonesia, i am 38 year old, i one of biggest your fan Mr. in here, i want to ask you to help the alms and donate for education child's and the orphanage in Asia. this my bank account, BCA account 1660063079 code cenaidja. thanks before Mr.


V.D.Prasad says:

Posted on Aug 09, 2016 at 07:45 PM

Hi I sir,how are you.
My name is V.D. Prasad, I am from India I am big fan of you sir.
I am having a friend who was crazy about you,he used to say that he want to meet you at least once in his life time and take a photo along with you, but he is no more, he passed away in 2004.
As a friend I want to fulfill his desire by taking a photo with you, if you agree please reply me sir.

Chigozie Okafor says:

Posted on Aug 03, 2016 at 06:07 AM

Greatest Actor, happy new month. Long may you live. Your reign shall be great.

My name is Chigozie Okafor. I am a Nigerian,writing from Nigeria too. I am your number one fan in the whole world. I so much love the way you act effortlessly.

Great man,my knees are on the ground. I am successfully frustrated. I finished watching one of your films now and I decided to google you to know if I could see a way of writing to you. I am happy that I succeeded.
My knees are on the ground. Please I am a university graduate here in Nigeria but unemployed for six years now. I went and acquired some training of entrepreneurship on how to make detergents but no capital now to start of mine. I want to be self employed now but no capital. Would you be so kind to help me please? My knees are on the ground. Would you be so kind to help me financially? Don't see me as a total stranger to you and a black man. Look upon my situation in Nigeria with kindness. I am 30 years old,unmarried and jobless. I still squat with my parents in two room apartment.

Great compassionate icon, touch the life of a

fitria says:

Posted on Aug 02, 2016 at 06:23 PM

Hay Mr. Chan i am fitri from Indonesia, i am your big fans, when you come to Indonesia for meet your fans here? I hope you reply..

Mohtashim Mirza Baig says:

Posted on Jul 31, 2016 at 02:21 PM

Hi sir myself Mohtashim Mirza Baig from India/Maharashtra/nagpur.. i am your big fan from childhood.. Saw your 95% of movies, but i am lil upset now. because you don't release your movies in India. Now i searched for your movie skiptrace, but not getting it. So upset because of that, (Try to release your movie in India or take me in your movie even for a very short role).

Ahmad Saiful bin Ahmad Haripin says:

Posted on Apr 16, 2016 at 09:43 PM

hello Dato 'Jackie Chan, My name is Ahmad Saiful origin from Malaysia, I am 34 years old and I'm deaf. I am interested Dato 'Jackie Chan because since I was 12 years old a movie title story The Legend of Drunken Master (1994) until now. I still miss all the puppet story has Dato 'Jackie Chan. So now I am working as a committee member in deaf sports associations federal territories of Kuala Lumpur and also with my work as assistant secretary (Service Management) in deaf sports association Malaysia. I ask the Dato 'can give financial support (contributions) to our association both for the development of sports for the deaf. Please send your reply to my email.

thank you
Ahmad Saiful bin Ahmad Haripin

Joyce Simirnal.J says:

Posted on Apr 08, 2016 at 01:39 PM

I feel honored to type this message. I hope god keeps showering his blessings on you and always keeps you in good health. Love all your pictures sir. I wish you more success towards your field. I hope you will read my message and smile.
Thank you sir.


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