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Charles Koch

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Charles Koch is 83 years old American business personality who is well known for being the co-owner and CEO of Koch Industries since 1967.

He is considered as the eighth wealthiest person in the world by Forbes list of June 2018.

Early life

Charles Koch was born on 1st November 1935 in Wichita, Kansas as Charles de Ganahi Koch to Mary Robinson and Fred C. Koch. He was raised in a family with his three brothers; Frederick, David, and Bill.

He spent his early days of education attending private high schools and later joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology receiving the Bachelor of Science in 1957 in General Engineering and Master’s in Nuclear Engineering in 1958. He also did M.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1960.

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He started his initial career working at Arthur D. Little, Inc. but later decided to move back to his hometown continuing work with his father in his company, Rock Island Oil & Refining Company.

He is 1967 decided to rename the company as Koch industries playing a major role in expanding the business and growing it into one of the largest privately held companies in the United States.

He expanded the company in diverse fields such as manufacturing, refining, and distribution of chemicals, petroleum, energy, polymers, minerals, fiber, intermediates, fertilizers, pulp, and paper.

In 1982 he stood at the position of director of his company and other corporations including Entrust Financial Corp. and Georgia-Pacific LLC.

Under his tenure, the company made it in around 60 countries and at present employs about 100,000 people worldwide thus holding a major stake in the employment sector also.

Aside from company work, he has also worked in politics making a significant contribution to libertarian and conservative think tanks and campaigns.

He is also a philanthropist who has developed a business philosophy of Market Based Management which he has well described in his books, The Science of Success: How Market-Based Management Built the World’s Largest Private Company in 2007.

Personal Life

He got married to Liz in 1972 and is the father of two children; Chase and Elizabeth Koch. He at present lives in Wichita, Kansas.


He has received the Herman W. Lay Memorial Award in 2005 given by the Association of Private Enterprise Education.

Net Worth

It is estimated to be around US$54.2 billion as on September 2018.


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