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Gordmans Credit Card

Comenity Bank Gordmans Credit Card Review

Comenity is a bank which issues co-branded gordmans credit card for retailers. The better part about these credit cards is that they do not have annual fees charged against them. This feature makes your best choice if you have a fare or average credit.

There have to be benefits in each product we choose. And you might be asking if there are any gains with gordmans credit card. There are quite several benefits that come with these cards as it has been mentioned below.

With a Gordmans credit card, you can get a guaranteed 15% off for any purchases you make on the very first day using the card. This is such a cool feature.

The more you use your card the more points you earn. comenity rewards you with $5 for every 100 points you earn. You earn 2 points when you spent $1 with your store credit card and you can also earn 1 point for every $1 spent with other forms of payment.

Comenity Bank cares about your special ceremonies in your calendar. How do you feel when someone sends you $5 and following it up with a happy birthday
message? This is exactly what Gordmans Credit Cardholders get. You will receive $10 for your birthday reward.

People enjoy things that are easy to find. You tend to be frustrated when it becomes hard to find what you want. In case you can’t find your nearest stage store, you can use the store locator available on their site.

Gordmans Credit Cards are issued by Comenity Bank. The following are added advantages that you will enjoy if you are a Gordmans Credit Card Holder.

1. You can rebuild your credit with Comenity Bank Credit Cards

If your main concern is to rebuild your credit then Comenity cards are your best choice.

If you have a poor credit history and you find it difficult to get approval from local issuers like American Express Comenity Bank can help you get approved. You will rebuild your credit history once you are approved for a gordmans credit card and start paying your monthly bill.

2. A chance to avoid hard inquiry or hard pull

One disadvantage of a hard pull is that it makes it possible for lenders to view your credit report when submitting your loan applications.

What it does is that it signals future lenders that you had done a credit search making it difficult for you to get a loan. That is harsh right? With Comenity, you get an opportunity to avoid that because you can open Comenity cards without hard pulls on your credit history when applying.

3. There are rewards for a Comenity Bank Card

You will get to earn store rewards when you are a gordmans credit cardholder. You will have access to brilliant Promotional discounts and other cool benefits as a Comenity cardholder.

Even with such great benefits from Comenity Bank, they do have some weary defects. They can be great for rebuilding your credit history and earning store rewards however, they come with high annual percentage rates. This results in high monthly interest rates.

Our Thoughts

Are you trying to rebuild your credit? Comenity gordmans credit cards are a great choice for you. But from our review, we highly recommend co-branded or the private label card for shoppers loyal to one store. This card can earn you extra rewards.

It is always a good idea to operate with legit companies and Comenity Bank is one of the legally licensed that issues gordmans credit cards. You can easily use their services from your mobile device because they have a Comenity Direct mobile application. Remember if you demonstrate responsible credit management characteristics your credit lines will be increased.




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    Gordmans, Inc, 1926 South 67th Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 68106, United States

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    +1- (402) 691-4000

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