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We met with a new era of delivering mail in twentieth century that brought innovation in the world of communication. Previously, we used to deal with physical transport of letters, postcards and parcels by public or private services commonly known as postal services. It was a mean of activity of conveying information and messages in letter form to recipient through rail, road or air routes. It was a facility in charge of processing, sorting and delivering mail to recipients. Government of various countries used to fund those services through a mean of office named as post office. These offices are also meant for making passport, P.O. Box distribution and other delivery services within the jurisdiction.
Sharing the history, we got to know about the oldest and most reliable post service that was established in United States in 1775. Years have passed but even in the age of Facebook and email it holds its importance and is still a trend as some people like to receive birthday cards or a letter from friend or bills in post mail. In past decades, postal services have experienced a decreased volume in their letter mail but yet with perfect competition it is the best choice for the public on account of various reasons.