Shopping Mall Customer Service Help

We are talking about a place or a form of building that consists of shops, interconnecting walkways, parking area and various units representing whole as an indoor version of traditional marketplace. The demand of shopping mall increased in 19th century when most likely people loved to shop in city centres for pleasure. The malls took a way beyond advancement with new innovations like escalators plus the rise of automobiles in them. They present various items under one roof and have made our lives much easier in terms of time.
The developments of malls are considered to be productive and have changed the economical and social living conditions heavily in small towns. They just help to eliminate the need to visit numerous stores for daily shopping and are considered as one-stop shopping. Even strip malls are available along the major highways and interstates providing access to local and non- residents. It thus gives a boost to commercialism introducing variety of ideas in finance and marketing area. The designing of malls are attracting customers further converting shopping into a different dimension to impulse consumption. In short, world is in a shopping mall.