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shinzo abe
shinzo abe

About Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe is a Japanese Politician and the current Prime Minister of Japan. He is from the ruling party, which is Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). His first term as Prime Minister of Japan was from 2006 to 2007 and his second term as Prime Minister started from year 2012.

Early life

Shinzo Abewas born on September 21, 1954, in Tokyo, Japan. But he was raised up in Nagato of Yamaguchi Prefecture by parents Shintaro Abe and Yoko Kishi. His mother is the daughter of former Prime Minister of Japan, NobosukeKishi. Shinzo Abe has completed her education from Seikei Elementary School and then attended Seikei Junior High School and Seikei Senior High School. Abe has completed his graduation from Seikei University in field of political science.After completing his graduation, Shinzo Abe went to the United States of America to study public policy at USC Sol Price School of Public Policy in South California


Shinzo Abe’s political journey started in year 1993; He was elected to Japan’s House of Representatives and later in year 1999 he became the Director of the committee on Health and welfare. In 2003, Abe became the Secretary General of Liberal Democratic Party. In 2006, Koizumi Junichiro announced that he would step down both as a Prime Minister and LDP President. As he did not select his successor, election was held. He was elected as the president of LDP on September 20, 2006. After resigning from the post of the Prime Minister Abe spent a quiet time at the Diet. In 2009, election, he won from his Yamaguchi 4th district. However, LDP lost the power and Democratic Party of Japan formed the government. He resumed his position his of Prime Minister again in year 2012.

Personal Life

Talking about Shinzo Abe’s personal and love life, Abe is married to his wife AkieMatsuzaki, who worked as a Radio DJ and operates as an Izakaya in Tokyo. They tied the nuptial knot in year 1987. Till today the couple does not have any children.

Net Worth

According to media resources,Shinzo Abe’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere near $12 million.

Conatct detail of shinzo abe

Address : Tokyo, Japan

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