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abby and brittany hensel
Abigail Loraine Hensel and Brittany Lee Hensel are the world famous dicephalic parapagus twins. Their bodies are joined. The two sisters were born on (March 7, 1990). Abby and Brittany have a singe body with some vital organs doubled up. The are having two arms and two legs, with separate heads and necks, a chest which is wider than a chest of a human. Their family include Patty and Mike Hensel (parents) and Dakota (brother) and Morgan (sister).

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    Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

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A message to Abigail and Brittney

Posted on Jun 12, 2019 at 08:38 PM

Abbey Southard says: Dear Abigail And Brittney Hensel Hello My Name Is Abbey and I wanted to tell you I am still climbing Mt Everest I found out that I had developed a brain tumor and I am doing better my head hurts where the tumor is on my brain makes the pain so awful it takes control over me and it's makes me want to fall on the floor because that's how bad it hurts I am resting right now and it has been helping a lot I know in life to never give up because all of us have a dream that we can all achieve I know to never stop and to keep on making it ?? I leave on October 4th in a several months If anything goes wrong or happens to me always remember me and I can't wait to see you soon and get to go surfing it's going to be so much

To get surprised by Abbey and Brittney

Posted on Jun 07, 2019 at 07:57 PM

Abbey Southard says: I hope you were encouraged by story I know we all go through hard things never know that God and Jesus is always with you and Know that You Abbey And Brittney are always champions Sincerely Abbey Southard

Abbey and Brittney changed my life forever

Posted on Jun 07, 2019 at 05:20 PM

Abbey Southard says: When I look at you both I don't see you as being conjoined twins I see you as Abbey and Brittney and yo have encouraged me so much in my life and everyone else too And My wish is to meet you I hope that moment will come true it has always been my dream and my wish to meet you ???? I hope my surprise will come true God bless Sincerely Abbey Southard

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