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What Nobody Says About Youngevity

Youngevity is a company that manufactures and distributes health wellness products. They mainly deal with products such as nutritional supplements, meal replacement shakes, essential oils, and powdered juice drinks.

It was founded by Dr. Joel Wallach in 1977. Youngevity also manufactures cosmetics such as mineral makeup plus and other household items that enhance an overall feeling of well-being when at home.

Some of their products that are in the market include; Beyond Tangy Tangerine CT, Ultimate EFA Plus, Rebound FX Citrus Punch and Beyond Osteo-FX.

Youngevity contact address 7914

Corporate Headquarters

2400 Boswell Road Chula Vista, CA 91914

Rocky Mountain Office

370 W. Center St. Orem, UT 84057

Office Hours

7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Pacific Standard Time

• How you Make Money with It

Since Youngevity is a multi-level marketing company (MLM), is important to know that people receive a certain amount of compensation for recruiting other persons as downlines.

Besides, they also give another method of direct sales component to the whole plot i.e. official Youngevity members are given the advantage of purchasing products and Paks from the company at a discount, which they can decide to sell to others at a small profit or use it themselves.

If by any chance you show interest in joining Youngevity, you will need to contact your referee to the company who shall give you further instructions. All new members begin as Associates, a rank that gives them the privilege of purchasing anything from the Youngevity’s collection of wellness products.

You are also needed to read all about the company's Compensation plan and know exactly the required amount of sales that you need to make every month to increase your rank.

The next big step after joining Youngevity is starting to create your "virtual office". Once you become a Youngevity member, you are provided with an Associate ID which they use to establish a virtual back office that they use to display their products.

After setting up your account, you are now free to order and sell products. You can also recruit and invite others to join as Independent Marketing Directors or your fellow Associates.

• Issues Associated with Youngevity

Alert! Most people out there will always complain that MLMs are scams. It is important to know that MLMs are not scams as per opinions, there are many legitimate companies like Tupperware and Avon, but if the distributors keep focusing on recruiting people as its major goal, then it should be considered a scam and an illegal business.

When it comes to Youngevity, their main problem is that they over advertise their products as if they can cure all sorts of diseases.

They even claim that one of their products, Beyond Tangy Tangerine is even better than chemotherapy. Meaning just a mere juice drink has the power to treat cancer.

This method of marketing is very dangerous if not illegal. The products are not medicines but supplements and should, therefore, be treated as such.

• People’s Opinions

Most, if not all companies always grow depending on their customers’ reviews about their products. Surfacing through the Internet, many websites are dedicated to uncovering the health claims that were made by the Youngevity distributors.

Some also claimed that Dr. Wallach, the company’s founder, is a doctor of naturopathy rather than a doctor of medicine. A quick look at the customer’s review about Youngevity will show you how most people don't like how expensive their products are.

Sum Up

Though there are some legitimate MLMs out in the market, Youngevity is not one of them. This should help you consider another way to make money online.


Conatct detail of Youngevity

  • Address

    2400 Boswell Road, Chula Vista, CA 91914

  • Contact Number

    1-800-982-3189, 1 (800) 982-3197 (Customer Service), 1 (619) 934-3980 (Office)

  • Email Address

  • Website

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comments (1) on Youngevity Customer Service Contact Number

Anresh says:

Posted on Sep 14, 2016 at 10:25 PM

Hello youngevity,
I am Anresh from Malaysia. I ordered youngevity products but before I order somemore can I have Rex Joe Steele's contact number. I ordered many times from him but my phone dropped and now I am using new phone and lost the contact.
My contact number is +60125531746.


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