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Unleashing the Truglo Red Dot Optic

Are you out to purchase a red dot sight? Guess you know the ton of money you'll have to shell out.

What if you just need a cheap and affordable optic for your airsoft gun or an air rifle? If you are a value champion then there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars for simple options like a quality red dot.

Ever since Truglo came to operation, they have continued to make inexpensive red dot sights to fit your tight budget.

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They still offer the traditional red dot that is if it's not going to be used on a shotgun or a high-powered rifle. These traditional sights still work well, but if used in the right capacity.

Let's take a quick review of the benefits and demerits of the Truglo red dot optic.


• It is installed with simple controls that make it easy to use by any level of shooter.

• The optics are very cheap hence gives you a good way to try out a red dot style sight before you decide to get a quality scope.

• They also offer a wide variety of good choices for air rifles, airsoft guns or even rimfire rifles.


• Though it’s cheap, their overall construction doesn’t make them durable.

• It can't withstand continuous use on centerfire rifles or shotguns.

• Instead of the common Picatinny rail used on most of the guns today, their base is for Weaver rails hence making them incompatible with most guns.

If you're going to realize the value of the Truglo red dot, it will largely depend on what you intend to use the optic for.

If you intend to use it as a basic sight for your airsoft gun, air rifle, or .22 rifle gun during some training or just for fun, then it will certainly be a great sight.

If you need a red dot to use as your main optic on a shotgun or carbine, it would be wise to look somewhere else.

If you are out for a better quality sight, I am sorry you need to dig deep into your pockets, otherwise, Truglo Red Dot only gives you what you pay for.

The Scope and Breakdown of the Review

The red dot is made of lightweight materials making it add very little or no weight to your gun. There are standard elevation and windage adjustments on the side and top of the unit.

You can control the brightness of the red dot by a large knob on the top of the sight and the reticle projects for a 5 MOA red dot.

At brighter settings, the dot can look distorted, so you'll just have to leave it on average. Though the glass doesn't offer anything incredible in the way of sight picture, it is also coated to protect against glare.

Their integrated base is designed for the Weaver-style rails. Though these rails are common on .22 rifles, they are not as popular as today's Picatinny rails found in most modern long guns. The base is built as part of the unit hence an adapter must be used to fix on other rail types.

Over To You

Using Truglo has so many negatives that outweigh the positives especially if you are going to use it as the main optic.

Though the price is attractive, you are guaranteed to spend more time dealing with its failures and zeroing issues in the long run than its worth.


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    525 International Parkway, Richardson, Texas, 75081, United States

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    +1 972-774-0300, 1-888-887-8456

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Regarding order

Posted on Dec 01, 2016 at 08:43 PM

Terry Graham says: What sights for Winchester model 94 standard carbine with a 20" barrel? Ordered some before that no matter what I did gun shot high.

Kevin Creech says:

Posted on Dec 15, 2015 at 07:39 AM

I recently purchased a fat head from bass pro shops about 3 weeks ago. I installed the sight on my A300 and the fiber optic sight fell out of the assembly after firing it once. I shot one shot and noticed that the fiber optic bead fell out. I'm pretty disappointed after paying $20 for this thing that is four little set screws and a sight. Is there any way that I could get just the fiber optic portion of the sight without spending another $20? I have pictures and a receipt if you need any other information. Please contact me and let me know what I can do.


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